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Hi everyone! As many of you know (because I keep telling you), the Mitel team is working hard to improve the formal API documentation available here - Mitel Developer Portal. We have a good idea of what we consider to be GOOD documentation, but we want to hear some raw and unfiltered opinions on where the current documentation is deficient and what you’d like to see in a future improved version.

This information is going to be passed on directly to the teams responsible for each of the APIs, curse words and all. Now is your chance to make yourself heard, so let’s hear it! Feel free to be as general or specific as you like.

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Hi Budd,

Personally, I believe what would be really beneficial would be a github repository of sample applications.

Here is an example for Cisco WebEx: Webex for Developers · GitHub

Also, I’ve had a couple of partners ask if Mitel could provide icon/assets, and branding guidelines.

Thanks Jared

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Thanks Jared! We are actually working on something like that separately in the form of SDKs, tutorials, sample code, and more. If you want to write a sample app for us though, we’d be thrilled :grin:

The formal API Documentation though is generated from the swagger definitions written by the development team for each of the services/APIs. While we’ve provided them with some detailed feedback in the form of documentation requirements, they’ve asked for some direct, unfiltered feedback so they have a better perspective of what it’s like to use the existing documentation as someone new to the APIs.

Hi Budd,

I am fairly new to APIs and I’ve reviewed a lot of the content around the Mitel API’s and it’s really useful to know and learn it all in one place. I know it covers mainly the Cloudlink appetite but because its labelled Mitel APIs, I think there should be a reference of the existing Mitel APIs we use today MiCC SDK and OIG APIs.

It’s a great start and hopefully we will see it evolve.