API Program Updates - May 7

The news this week is relatively light, as we’ve been focusing on working directly with partners involved in the early access program and building out all the very complicated infrastructure needed to support the API program. Who knew you needed things like ‘logs’ and ‘alarms’?

  • The Mitel team is looking to put together as much feedback on the current API documentation as possible, so we’re asking everyone to wax poetic and let us know what you really think here: API Documentation - Complaint Department
  • The Mitel team is still working to provide a fully functional environment for the Media API. Sorry for the delay, we know you’re all eager to start making calls with the API!
  • A new version of the Postman library has been released. This addresses several issues identified during partner testing and adds ‘Client’ operations to the Admin API collection. The next release will include expanded use of variables to make chaining multiple API calls together easier to accomplish.