API Program Updates - April 9

I hope everyone will forgive the lack of an update last week. I was unchained from my desk for Easter and after making a run for it, it took a few days to track down and re-chain me. Those tracking dogs are really quite cuddly after they’ve finished biting you!

We have some exciting new content to share with you this week!

  • The Mitel team has put together a Postman library, with collections for each API and an environment that ties everything together.
  • We have re-organized the forum so there are categories for each of the APIs, and we’ve added a new category called The Library to discuss the Postman library and any other future technical libraries or code samples that we release through the Developer Portal.
  • Read up on the Notification API in the all new Notification API Guide.
  • For another riveting read, check out the Admin API Guide.
  • The former ‘Training’ area of the Developer Portal has been rebranded and re-organized into Guides & Resources.
  • We’ve received feedback about the host URLs for the APIs that are in the API Documentation, so we’ve created a forum topic that lists the correct host and base path for each of the APIs.

We’re starting to see more engagement from the partners in our Early Access Program, with a few forum posts and useful feedback. Every time someone posts a question to the forum, the Mitel team learns more about where we need to make improvements to both the API and our documentation…so keep them coming!