API Host URLs & Base Path

The Mitel team has received a lot of feedback on the API Documentation, one piece of which is that the host URL and base path we list isn’t entirely clear.

For example, the Media API will show: https://media.us-west-2.us.dev.api.mitel.io
Whereas the Auth API will show: https://authentication.dev.api.mitel.io

There are complicated and magical CloudLink architecture reasons why this happens, and we will be fixing it, but for the time being all you need to know is that the host URL and base path for the various APIs are as follows:

Admin API
Sandbox - https://admin.dev.mitel.io/2017-09-01/
Production - https://admin.mitel.io/2017-09-01/

Auth API
Sandbox - https://authentication.dev.mitel.io/2017-09-01/
Production - https://authentication.mitel.io/2017-09-01/

Chat API
Sandbox - https://chat.dev.mitel.io/2017-09-01/
Production - https://chat.mitel.io/2017-09-01/

Media API
Sandbox - https://media.dev.mitel.io/2017-09-01/
Production - https://media.mitel.io/2017-09-01/

Notification API
Sandbox - https://notifications.dev.mitel.io/2017-09-01/
Production - https://notifications.mitel.io/2017-09-01/

Presence API
Sandbox - https://presence.dev.mitel.io/2017-09-01/
Production - https://presence.mitel.io/2017-09-01/