Wrong endpoint in subject field?

Hi there,

I am new to the Mitel Cloudlink and developing our first integration.
I successfully set up a subscription based on a webhook and websocket.
However I am struggeling on how to filter the events. The application itself is user based, so I only want to receive realtime call events for the user logged in.

I thought I could simply filter on the subject, but the extension (422) seems to be prefixed with a 3:
“subject”: “/2017-09-01/endpoints/3422/calls/84”,

However the reference to self seems to be correct:
“self”: “/2017-09-01/endpoints/422/calls/84”

Is this a bug or by design?
Anyway, it is a little confusing to me :wink:

Best regards,

    "publicationId": "09d23849-734d-4a4f-bad1-1166ec9609f8",
    "topic": "platform-api-media",
    "method": "PUT",
    "subject": "/2017-09-01/endpoints/3422/calls/84",
    "content": {
        "from": "422",
        "fromName": "",
        "to": "+316........",
        "toName": "",
        "state": "connected",
        "cause": "newCall",
        "direction": "outbound",
        "extraPbxData": {
            "callerDevice": "422",
            "callerName": "",
            "calledDevice": "+316........",
            "calledName": "",
            "eventType": "originatedEvent",
            "callTrackingID": "1676624204#33"
        "createdOn": "2023-02-17T08:56:44.624Z",
        "callId": "endpoints/422/calls/84",
        "endpointId": "422",
        "siteId": "efa647f6-dc75-4281-bd8e-8cd54a8ff8af",
        "accountId": "8f7c8a78-553e-4fa9-9d06-3a6cb1ad9392",
        "inboundLeadingDigitsPattern": "3",
        "timestamp": 1676624204626,
        "eventId": "b47b28ff-8805-438c-a48f-929348bd379a",
        "mediaReceivedTimestamp": 1676624205031,
        "_links": {
            "self": "/2017-09-01/endpoints/422/calls/84"
        "isCtiEvent": true,
        "principalId": "d0946a7a-6bba-4f37-a599-7ad874cd3226",
        "callLegOwner": "d0946a7a-6bba-4f37-a599-7ad874cd3226",
        "mediaEventProcessedTimestamp": 1676624205066,
        "eventType": "CallStateNotification",
        "deviceId": "platform-api-mediaservice-eu-west-1-975159223637-us",
        "userId": "d0946a7a-6bba-4f37-a599-7ad874cd3226"
    "publisher": {
        "accountId": "8f7c8a78-553e-4fa9-9d06-3a6cb1ad9392",
        "principalId": "d0946a7a-6bba-4f37-a599-7ad874cd3226"
    "subscription": {
        "subscriptionId": "8732c39c60183f56e545e410c08e61ba"
    "notification": {
        "createdOn": "2023-02-17T08:56:45.195Z",
        "correlationId": "8648c609-a753-4660-8a25-95605f7472d3"

Hi Jason!

The automatic prefix of the 3 to the endpointId is a bit odd. A subjectFilter on your subscription of, “/2017-09-01/endpoints/422” should be valid if you’re using 3 digit extensions.

What PBX are you working with?

Hi Budd,

Testing on a MiVoice 400 platform.
We now have a subscription on “/2017-09-01/endpoints/[^/]+/calls” and check the content._links.self value for received message.

Hi Jason,

It looks like you’ve added leading digits in your Gateway, which is only required for networked PBX’s like MiVB. Here’s the settings I’m referring to: