Unable to Answer Calls to Non-Prime Line - Media API

I am facing an issue with the Media API when trying to answer calls on a device’s non-prime line. When I make a call to 2999100 via DID XX XXXX 4399, I am unable to answer the call at all. I understand that Presence updates from non-prime line’s is only a recently introduced feature, so I expect what I’m experiencing may be ‘design intent’ until the CLGW is updated.

Upon investigation, it seems the API returns an internal server error with the message:

“name”: “InternalServerError”,
“message”: “Internal server error. : unspecifiedError”

I tried to answer the call by sending the below payload to the Media API endpoint of: /endpoints/2999410/calls/[callidremoved]. When I try to make the API call to /endpoints/2999100/calls/[callidremoved] to test, the API returns that user 2999100 can’t be found (as expected).

“action”: “answer”

2999100 is a MiVB Ring Group with 4x multicall keys of 2999411, 2999412, 2999413, 2999414.

What is 2999410 in the above context?

Edit: I just heard back from R&D and working with groups (ring, hunt, etc) isn’t supported by the Media API. We do need to produce a better error here though.

Hi Budd

2999410 is a Mitel 6930. 2999100 is a Ring Group with 4x multicall line keys in it. 2999410 is not a member of the Ring Group. Instead, all of the multicall keys appear on 2999410 and that’s what I’m trying to answer. Can you please confirm that scenario is still unsupported? If it is unsupported, I assume adding a multicall key to the phone then ringing that key directly is a solution?

Is the CloudLink UserVoice forum public?


The CloudLink UserVoice forum no longer exists, but you can use this one here if you like (which is public) - https://mitel.uservoice.com

Thank you for the clarification, I’m discussing your scenario again with R&D today.

Hi Budd, did you ever get any info back on the multicall keys? are we able to monitor multicall keys?

We have a situation where multicall keys are in a ring group, and then placed onto a phone, we want to be able to monitor these keys for screen pop?

Hi Paul! By design you should be able to monitor multicall keys, in fact @andrew might have some guidance on setting up the appropriate subscription filters as he’s doing something similar. The only issue right now is that there’s an issue on the MiVB side that’s preventing some of the functionality (like call control) from working properly in this scenario.

I’ll provide an update once I have confirmed what version of MiVB this will be resolved in (potentially 10.1).

@paulsmith3 - Confirmed that this will be resolved in 10.1 for MiVB

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