Subscription: "from" field disappeared(blank)

Hi. One of our subscriptions is no longer returning “from” number (blank)

It used to show before but I believe some time after Feb 15, it’s no longer returning any value on the “from” field.
Was there any changes from Mitel ?

here is the filter that we use:
“publicationFilter”: “$.publications[?(@.content.state == ‘connected’ && @.content.direction == ‘inbound’ )]”,

here is part of what we received
“content”: {
“from”: “”,
“fromName”: “”,
“to”: “1111”,
“toName”: “”,
“state”: “connected”,
“cause”: “newCall”,
“direction”: “inbound”,
“extraPbxData”: {
“answeringDevice”: “1111”,
“answeringName”: “”,
“callerDevice”: “”,
“callerName”: “”,
“calledDevice”: “1111”,
“calledName”: “”,
“lastRedirectionDevice”: “”,
“lastRedirectionName”: “”,
“eventType”: “establishedEvent”,
“callTrackingID”: “1708193862#490”

before, “from” field used to have a number i.e “8123456789”
we didn’t change anything on the request parameters

Hi @spongegar - Which PBX are you using here?

believe its Mitel 3300 vMiVB/ MiCC-B

I’ll send you a PM, I’ll need to get some more information from you to raise this up. I believe there was an update to the CloudLink Gateway recently which may be related.

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@spongegar - Thanks for reaching out to me directly. This issue should be resolved with v1.3.0.01-3177 of the CloudLink Gateway that was pushed to production today (2/22/24). You may need to manually update your CLGW via the Account console if it doesn’t automatically update overnight.

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