Subscribe not hitting webhook

I have setup a subscription:

“applicationId”: “AppID”,
“deviceId”: “”,
“transport”: “webhook”,
“topic”: “platform-api-media”,
“subjectFilter”: “/2017-09-01/endpoints/2240”,
“recordNotifications”: true,
“publicationFilter”: “$.publications[?(@.content.state == ‘ringing’)]”,
“expiryDateTime”: “2024-04-28T00:00:00Z”

But I don’t get anything when I place a call to that extension. Are there types of phone systems that this just won’t work with?

You shouldn’t need ‘recordNotifications’, I’m actually not sure what scenario that’s used for. That said, the rest looks good to me. Do you have the subscriptionId so I can look it up server side?

Officially we only support 6xxx series of IP phones because that’s what we test with, however that primarily pertains to call control. When it comes to notifications, most device types should work.

Here are the five that are currently unexpired.


I’m not from Mitel but have been doing a lot of work with CloudLink and MiVB recently.

Try removing recordNotifications, expiryTime and the publicationFilter. If that works, work forward from there by adding the other parameters until it fails.

Also, I don’t include /2017-09-01 in my subject filter. /endpoints/[number] works.

I would include what PBX and software load you’re running for when someone from Mitel comes along to help.

Hi Budd, did you have a chance to look up the subscription ids I sent you?

Hi Lruss

Unfortunately, Budd no longer works for Mitel. Can you give us some more background? What type of PBX (type, release, …) are you using, and how is endpoint 2240 configured on your system? Are you subscriptionID still valid ?