SSO between Dev CloudLink Env and Azure AD

Hi Budd,

We have been following the below Mitel URL as suggested for configuring SSO between Dev CloudLink Env and Azure AD:

We created azure free trial account but seems that we don’t have permission to create enterprise application for SAML based SSO between CloudLink and Azure AD. This is required as part of steps mentioned in the URL

We are having User Role whereas any of following Roles: Global Administrator, Cloud Application Administrator or Application Administrator can only create enterprise application.

Could you please provide inputs as to how can it be taken forward?

Hi Sanjeev!

I’ve tried to create my own free account to test this, unfortunately Microsoft isn’t allowing me to do so with any email address outside of my address which is already linked to a paid Azure account.

You are correct in that you need one of those three roles in order to add an Enterprise Application. Are you not able to change your role assignment? This may be a question better suited for Microsoft.

Thanks Budd.

There’s no option to change Role for me. I am checking with team which added my azure account to another Resource group.

Hi Sanjeev,

You can use this link to register from a free Microsoft O365 developer account:

The account provides 25 free E5 CAL’s, so can be used for Azure AD.

Thanks Jared for your Response.
The link that you shared is for developer program of Microsoft. It allows develops to create an app, deploy it in their environment and Azure AD is synced in this environment.

Our requirement is to develop an angular app, which is to deployed on GCP and would be accessible in a frame in a CRM Platform. For CTI functionality of this app, we are using Authentication (Open ID Connect Flow - SSO) provided by Cloudlink. The Cloudlink Platform dev environment does not have required config for achieving SSO. Config details is shared by Budd already but that requires Application Admin Role which we don’t have.

Just to update SSO configuration details I got from IT Team and its working for dev environment.

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