SRC connection on the Cloud Link Gateway

Does the Cloud Link Gateway support an SRC connection?

@krugermark - Can you please elaborate? Are you talking about running commands on the CloudLink Gateway via command line, or something else?

I am talking about a cloud-based call recording solution that i want to connect to the MBG SRC with a CRE to record calls this call recording solution would be in AWS for instance

The CloudLink Gateway itself doesn’t support this. The CloudLink Gateway is purely for syncing users between a CloudLink Account and the PBX, and translating a subset of CTI commands/events from the PBX back and forth with the CloudLink Media API.

That said, the MBG that may (or may not) host the CloudLink Gateway blade does support an SRC connection. I’m not too familiar with the MBG side of things, you will want to reach out to Mitel Product Support on that front.