Setting from name/number when placing a call

When placing a call, the endpoint accepts “from” and “fromName” fields. Are these used when connected to a MiVoice Business system? I can place a call, but I have not been able to get MiVB to send the from information on the SIP trunk.

I suspect they’re being ignored by the CloudLink Gateway for MiVB, but I’ve reached out to the team to confirm.

Confirmed - the from and fromName fields are not actually used by MiVB when you specify values for those properties in the Media API. Sorry CloudLink can’t address your requirements in this case!

You might be able to do this with the Mitel Open Integration Gateway, but I’m not certain -

Thank you for looking into this! A bit disappointing, but we’ll find a way to do it yet. :slight_smile:

We are already in the process of learning the OIG APIs, so we’ll take a look there.

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