Resiliency In MBG Cloud Link Gateway

Hi Team,

I have been asked about resiliency, If we lose the MBG (Cloud Link Gateway), are there any plans for resiliency?


Hi Paul! I was away last week so I’m just starting to chase this for you now.

I will get an update from the team on our plans for CLGW resiliency (particularly on the MBG) and let you know if there are any developments I can share.

Hi Paul,

Resiliency for the CLGW is currently under active discussion, along with a number of other improvements. We recognize that there needs to be a more consistent way to deploy CloudLink for both scaling and resiliency, and to try to make it independent of specific deployments. Quite a tall challenge, but we believe we have an architecture that can meet these requirements.

As for time frame and any specifics, we don’t have anything to communicate there yet.