Postman Library v2.2.0 Published

An updated Postman library is available here - Release v2.2.0 - Media API Clean-up and Auth API Rework · mitel-networks/postman-library · GitHub

Please note that importing this library may replace your existing Postman collections and overwrite any customization you may have made. If you have any feedback, please provide it here and changes can be incorporated into the next major release.

Release Notes

  • Removed unsupported resources from Media API Collection (Calls, DID, Extension, Prompt, Voicemail)
  • Removed references to ‘extension’ variable in Media API Collection, replaced with ‘endpointId’.
  • Reorganized and renamed Auth API Collection into OpenID Connect and OAuth Token sub-collections/folders.
  • Flagged Auth API ‘User Token’ call as ‘Testing Only’ as production applications should not use this authentication method to obtain user tokens (OpenID Connect flow should be utilized for all user authentication).

The Postman libraries still have ‘dev’ in their URI, if we don’t have a dev or sandbox account, can we just test using the production API endpoints (without the ‘dev’)?

Yes, you absolutely can! We’ll set the URI’s to production for the next version, but now you just have to strip out the ‘dev’ component.

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