Postman Library v2.1.0 Published

An updated Postman library is available here - Release v2.1.0 - OICD Workflow & Various Fixes · mitel-networks/postman-library · GitHub

Please note that importing this library may replace your existing Postman collections and overwrite any customization you may have made. If you have any feedback, please provide it here and changes can be incorporated into the next major release.

Release Notes

  • Updated the Authentication API Collection to include an OpenID Connect (Authorize) API Call that returns an authorization code via the /authorize route which can in turn be exchanged for a token using the /token route with a grant_type of “authorization_code”.
  • Fixed an issue with the Admin API Collection where testing values had been accidentally left in the query parameters
  • Fixed missing X-Mitel-App headers in the Admin API Collection
  • Added missing variables in Email API calls in Admin API Collection
  • Fixed a number of incorrect variable references across multiple collections
  • Converted all path parameters (denoted by single braces) into variables (denoted by double braces) so that they can be created and populated as environment variables in a future release. These path parameters will still need to be manually replaced by real values, or be manually created as an environment variable before use. Path parameters that do not currently exist as variables are displayed in red text, whereas those that do exist as variables are in orange text.
  • Added API calls to the Authentication API Collection for all token grant types

Future Planning

  • Update all collections to include automated variable creation and population for all GET operations, in the same manner as the Admin collection.