Postman Library v2.0.0 Published

An updated Postman library is available here: Release v2.0.0 - Variable Support · mitel-networks/postman-library · GitHub.

Please note that importing this library may replace your existing Postman collections and overwrite any customization you may have made. If you have any feedback, please provide it here and changes can be incorporated into the next major release.

Release Notes:
Introduced more advanced variable support for the Admin API collection:

  • All GET operations for single objects will store key data in variables
  • All GET operations for multiple objects will store key data in arrays. Individual values can be addressed using the format of {{variableName[position]}}, for example - {{userId[0]}}.
  • Variables will be added as environment variables to the CloudLink environment automatically as operations are used. There is no need to update/replace existing environments when deploying this version.
  • Most operations with path parameters now utilize variables, excepting certain DELETE operations which will still require values to be explicitly entered as a safety mechanism

Other Updates:

  • Addition of “LastResponseData” which will contain the JSON for the most recent GET operation. This can be utilized in pre-request scripts to parse out data as needed.
  • Fixed several incorrect request bodies
  • Fixed issues with operation name duplication
  • Added Commands to the Chat collection

Future Planning

  • To be determined, will be based on partner feedback for v2.0.0
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