Postman Library v1.5 Published

An updated Postman library is available here: Release v1.5 · mitel-networks/postman-library · GitHub

Please note that importing this library may replace your existing Postman collections and overwrite any customization you may have made. If you have any feedback, please provide it here and changes can be incorporated into the next major release (v2.0.0)

Release Notes

  • Added Client operations to the Admin API collection
  • Fixed the path for the “POST Create a Group in My Account” call in the Admin API
  • Set the body type to “binary” for both of the “PUT Photos” calls in the Admin API
  • Corrected names for various calls across various APIs

V2.0.0 Planning (Future)

  • Adding additional test scripts that will automatically populate variables with the content of GET calls, similar to how the authentication tokens are assigned to a variable today.