Notification for MiCollab softphone

HI Team,

I’m just looking for some clarification on notification for MiCollab softphone, In my testing, I don’t get any notification when using MiCollab Softphone.

I have had some reports back from Mitel that this should work, but I’m not sure this is correct.

Can you confirm that we should get a notification for MiCollab softphone?


Which PBX are you working with? If I recall correctly, it was the MiV5000?

Hi Budd,

MiVB is the pbx we are working with.

Hi Paul,

I’ve had a conversation with the various PBX teams and all of them (including MiVB) should be publishing call events, even when it’s a SIP softphone like MiCollab. Can you share what your subscription properties are?

HI Budd,

Yeah, this is what I am using to subscribe, as I said, I get notifications on desk phones but not softphone

payload = {
“deviceId”: client_id,
“transport”: “websocket”,
“topic”: “platform-api-media”,
‘subjectFilter’: “/2017-09-01/endpoints/”+extension,
“recordNotifications”: True

Hi Paul - I haven’t forgotten about you! We’re discussing this one and I hope to have more for you soon.

Paul -

Make sure that the user you’re dialing has a valid email address configured, otherwise they won’t sync to CloudLink properly. If that’s not the issue, here’s what I will ask you to do:

  1. Document the call flow for us (external call from PTSN rings on Hunt Group 1000, goes to extension 2001, etc).
  2. Reproduce this issue by opening up the websocket connection, creating your subscription, and going through the call flow. Make a note of timestamps, especially for the ringing event.
  3. In MiVB Server Manager, navigate to Administration → View Logs and collect log files & diagnostic data.
  4. Login to the CloudLink Accounts Portal and under the account where you have the CloudLink Gateway deployed, grab the gateway logs.

If you can get that information to, we’ll take a closer look.