Get Current account details

As we are using SSO for login we only get bearer token and refresh token. Is there any API which gives us the current user details with token only or any other way to get these details. Details are like:

  • Account Id
  • User name
  • Email etc.

You can use the Admin API to get User data. The documentation for the Admin API is here: Mitel APIs - Admin

There’s also a simple guide to the Admin API here: Admin API Guide

Depending on what information you have, you could do one of the following:

  1. Use GET /accounts/{accountId}/users/{userId} - You will need to provide the AccountID (numeric) and the userId (Email, UserId, or Mobile) as path parameters.
  2. Use GET /users/{userId} - In this case you just need to provide the userId(Email, UserId, or Mobile) as a path parameter, but if the user exists in more than one account you will have to use option 1 and explicitly provide the accountId.

This just gets you the data for a specific user, but there are other routes that return multiple users and let you apply filters and other query parameters.

Thanks @budd.renaud for the detailed response.
I will give it a try as per your suggestion using accountId and userId.

Thanks again