Extensions Stuck in DND on CloudLink


MIVB 10.1 SP1
Cloud Software Version
Tunnel Software Version 2023.9.1-247
CloudLink Gateway Version 2.4.4-02

We have encountered an issue which has surfaced over the weekend of 11-12 May 2024. We have approximately 426 extensions that are stuck with the aggregate status of “DoNotDisturb”. The principal status appears to be correct on the sample set I’ve tested.

The extensions are not set in DND on the MiVB and these extensions would have never been set to DND. Enabling then disabling DND on the MiVB clears the stuck DND state and puts the aggregate status back to “Available”.

I can write a script to manually put the status back to Available for each stuck extension, but I’d like the issue to be investigated to prevent this happening again in the future.


Hi Andrew,

If you can supply some logs from the Cloudlink Gateway we can take a look to see why its getting switch back to DND.

I’ve passed them onto Jonathan Phipps-Kearns. FYI this issue self-resolved overnight. It would be great to understand what went wrong, if the logs allow.

By the way, these extensions were never switched to DND in the first place.