Extensions Resetting From DND After CLGW Reboot


MIVB 10.1 SP1
Cloud Software Version
Tunnel Software Version 2023.9.1-247
CloudLink Gateway Version 2.4.4-02

I was recently doing some maintenance on the MiVB and MBG hosting our CLGW. I had to reboot both the MiVB and MBG as a part of this maintenance. Prior to the reboot I had approximately 12 extensions in a DND state on MiVB and CloudLink. Post-reboot all of those 12 extensions had reset to an “Available” status, despite remaining in DND on the MiVB.



  1. Does CloudLink reset the status’ of extensions after a reboot of the gateway?
  2. If yes, why does it not poll MiVB to check for the real status (DND, Out of Service etc)? If no, why has the presence reset in this instance?

Logs are with Jonathan Phipps-Kearns.