Creating Custom Integration between Mitel and Hubspot

What is the best way to get API info in order to move forward with developing this integration?

That really depends on which Mitel products you’re looking to integrate with, and the nature of the integration. There are typically two routes:

  1. CloudLink Based Integrations - If the product you’re integrating with uses CloudLink, you may want to look into using the CloudLink APIs as they are open, well documented, and pretty easy to use once you get setup. If you haven’t already checked it out, visit our Developer Portal, in particular the Getting Started Guide

  2. Other API/SDK Based Integration - The Mitel Solutions Alliance offers access to product specific APIs and SDKs, along with a direct support model and access to lab equipment at discounted rates for Mitel Partners. The MSA Program is often used by those looking to integrate more directly with MiContact Center Business.

If you can provide some more detail, I can point you to more specific resources than the above.

I know that the client is a MiCloud Connect customer. Is that considered a CloudLink Based Integration?

We are actually wanting to talk to a Technical Representative at Mitel about their API. Hubspot is a new product for our client and they want data ported from the Mitel system into the Hubspot system. Do you have any contact info at Mitel who can help us gain more information about their API before we move forward with the integration?

Hi @cterreri - The CloudLink platform (despite it’s name) isn’t related to MiCloud Connect. The best way to get started and find the information you’re looking for is to join the Mitel Solutions Alliance which will give you full access to all the information on any API or SDK that is available for MiCloud Connect, and give you the ability to collaborate directly with a technical resource who is familiar with the platform. You can also reach out to the MSA team directly -