Buttons pressed during call event

We have a CSTA connection to mx-one and see call established events etc. but received no events for pressed digits (such DTMF *12) during a call. Can this be enabled, or should we use any other API / SDK to get this information?

Hi vidilab

The CSTA connection to the MX-ONE, is this by using the CloudLink API, or are you using another application? There are different types of CSTA integration with MX-ONE, and we want to be sure we are looking for the correct one.


In the mean-time we found out, that it is not DTMF detection that is the problem, but DTMF itself is completely unavailable for the callers. This happens when we set up a silent conference call for recording. From what I heard this seems a limitation in MX-ONE. But would be interested to know if there is any solution for this, besides not creating the silent conference call.