Authenticate two Mitel Application in one go with different client ID

Hi @budd.renaud ,

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I am trying to archive authentication for two applications in one Open connect flow.
I have two Mitel applications having their own client ID. Separately auth flow is working fine and able to get the access code and token for further API requests.
What I am trying to achieve is to load one web application in an iframe inside the other web application to utilize the telephone services hiddenly.

For the parent application, I can get the access code and token using open connect flow from the cloud link. I am trying to achieve authentication for child web applications from parent access token or authorization code.

Request you to suggest if we have any ways to achieve the authentication for both the app without doing the login flow twice separately for both applications having different client-id.


There’s no way to get around having to run the login flow twice, although your user doesn’t need to be aware of that. They can simply provide their user credentials, and then both the parent and child applications run the login flow with their respective client IDs. Those client IDs are encoded in the access code and auth token, so there’s no way to share those between applications and still be compliant with our best practices. You could in theory use the same token you obtained in the parent application to make API calls from the child application (assuming it’s the same user and account), but that’s only acceptable during development and testing. In production, that would result in your applications being rejected during the review and approval process we’ll be putting in place.