API to automate onboarding/offboarding

I have a customer with an on-premise MiVoice Business deployment wanting to automate staff onboarding and offboarding at their firm.

They want to do things like:

a) Automatically disable a leaver’s extension.
b) Automatically assign a vacant extension number to new staff.
c) They use a third-party platform for their SBC for the Teams Direct Routing integration. And so, they would like to be able to add the additional handsets needed for Mitel/Teams integration.

Are there any APIs available in MiVoice Business that would allow us to script any of these actions? The customer has Ansible, and so we’re able to use SSH, WinRM, HTTP – basically any protocol.

While there’s little in the CloudLink APIs that will be helpful in this scenario, OIG may give you the kind of access you need - https://www.mitel.com/document-center/applications/collaboration/open-integration-gateway

If you need any guidance with OIG, it’s covered by the Mitel Solutions Alliance - https://www.mitel.com/en-ca/developer/mitel-solutions-alliance/what-is-mitel-solutions-alliance