API Program Updates - March 26

It’s been a very slow week at Mitel. No one showed up for work and we’ve been intentionally shirking our responsibilities.

Kidding! Except Frank in Accounting, that guy is the worst. Get it together, Frank.

There has been a LOT of progress on the API program this week, but it’s mostly ‘behind the curtain’ stuff that will take some time to yield content that you’ll actually be able to see. Here are a few things to look forward to in the next few weeks:

  • We have officially welcomed Five9 and Hanssen Telecom to the API EAP program. Both teams bring a lot of experience from two different perspectives and we’re already seeing some great stuff come out of their respective efforts.
  • Updates to the “Training” area of the Developer Portal, which has expanded well beyond simple training and will be rebranded as “Guides & Resources”.
  • Speaking of resources…We have put together a Postman library that contains most (if not all) of the useful calls for each API. The library still needs to go through some testing before it’s released, but it’s coming Soon™!
  • Javascript code samples for a couple of popular API calls (i.e. Make a Call)
  • “How To” Forum topics for each API. I’m hoping to publish one per week but that’s subject to change based on how busy you guys keep me, and if our development team agrees to start talking to me again after “The Incident” last week.

Have a great weekend, and I’m looking forward to seeing more questions come in!