API Program Update - July 9

It’s been quite a few weeks since we’ve had anything tangible in terms of updates to the API program, but as always we’re working hard behind the scenes. There are a few important things that have come out of these ‘hidden efforts’:

  • An Authentication API Guide is now available. This is an important guide, as it introduces the OpenID Connect workflow that we are now encourage the use of, in lieu of the simpler but less secure authentication workflow that just uses the /token route with grant_type=password.
  • Mitel Partners who are part of the Early Access Program now have a unique “client_id” that acts as an application identifier for the OpenID Connect workflow. These were sent out on July 6th, please let us know if you didn’t receive yours or if you have questions that the Authentication API Guide doesn’t answer.
  • A new tutorial for creating users and groups with the Admin API is complete and will be available in the Tutorials section of the Developer Portal no later than July 10th.

The next several weeks are going to be light in terms of new content as we are working to update existing content (like the API guides), work with partners in the EAP on their development efforts, and conduct a major review/rewrite of the API Documentation. The latter project will be consuming most of our time over the remainder of July and August, however when you see the improvements to the documentation, you’ll be glad we put in the work!