Account or partner not found

We have just started doing some initial testing using the postman library and keep receiving the error “Account or partner matching: (our CloudLink account number) not found”

The user account we are using from our internal CloudLink account has the admin role and can login via the web portal.

We have followed the steps outlined in the postman library guide under downloads and sample code.

It sounds like you’re trying to obtain a token and that’s where you’re receiving that error? There are a few things you can check:

  1. Ensure that you’re using the Authentication - OAuth Tokens - User Token - Testing Only API call.
  2. Make sure that in the ‘CloudLink’ environment variables you have properly defined your accountId (numeric one, not the GUID) and username/password. You will also want to make sure the URL’s are correct and are not pointed to the dev cloud.
  3. If the username exists in only this one account, you can try removing the ‘account_id’ from the body of the request.

If you’re still having trouble, try removing the use of variables all together like this:

Thanks Budd,

Turns out it was the dev URL tripping me up.

All authenticated and working now thanks.

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