Accessing SIP header data using legacy SDK (com object)

Hello, we’ve been using Shoretel since 2006, and we have developed a number of programs using the original Shoretel SDK com object for our call center. I am not sure if this forum is the place to ask such questions, but I wanted to see if any here can help me. We are running the latest Mitel Connect Director.

We currently use a custom SBC (Linux/asterisk) for processing incoming SIP calls from one of our partners, and this custom SBC is inspecting the SIP header, and removing certain information that is being stored there by our partner (like Vehicle Identification Number, geolocation etc). It then stores the data in a local database, which our CRM uses a custom API to access.

We are moving from this solution to a more off-the-shelf Oracle SBC. So we need to somehow get access to the SIP header data.

I heard that Mitel Connect will allow us to just pass the full SIP header to it from the SBC, and then from the SDK we would be able to grab the data we need from the preserved SIP header.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks!

The Shoretel SDK is outside the purview of the CloudLink API Program, though I am looking into this internally for you. We’ll be in touch as soon as as we have something for you!

I had a chat with our R&D team and here’s their response:

We don’t have a way to access SIP message fields via an API.

It may be possible to parse the required fields from trunk switch log files (in /cf/shorelinedata/Logs/STTS) using a Python script.*

It’s also worth checking whether Oracle allows their header manipulation rules to parse and write to a DB (, although I imagine you’ve already done that.

Let me know if you need any clarification.

Thanks for looking into this! Well, the SDK that we are using allows you to retrieve and even set call properties. I was hoping that the SDK would also allow us to retrieve any data that might be in the header. Is there a department at Mitel that would be able to provide more details on the limitations of the original Shoretel SDK?

My apologies for taking so long to reply, we’ve actually been chasing this for the past two weeks. Given the legacy nature of this SDK, it has been a challenge finding someone who still knows enough about it. Our Mitel Solutions Alliance team is currently taking a look at the SDK to see what kind of guidance they can offer.