502 Bad Gateway - Controlling Internal Calls


I’m facing an issue controlling internal calls using the Media API on a MiVB system.

MiVB 10.1 SP1
Mitel 6930W

When an internal call is originated from the 6930W to another internal device, and I try to invoke a blindTransfer, I receive 502 Bad Gateway from the Media API. If I make an internal call that originates from a different internal device to the 6930W, I am able to blindTrasfer successfully.

All other call scenarios work for using the blindTransfer feature.

The payload I’m using is

“action”: “blindTransfer”,
“destination”: “destination extension number”

Method PUT to https://media.api.mitel.io/2017-09-01/endpoints/{ext number}/calls/{call ID}

I am able to supply Call IDs, logs etc but would prefer to do so privately.


When calling the blind transfer API, you must place the call on hold first. Can you please share the gateway logs with the Mitel Support Prime so we can take a look to see if there are any errros from the PBX.

Hi @Justin.Ghantous

FYI there is an error in my post. The scenario is when trying to control a 6930W which has had an incoming internal call, not an outgoing internal call.

you must place the call on hold first.

This is not the experience we’ve had with testing, prior to experiencing this issue. As a matter of fact, trying to place the call on hold also returns a 502 Bad Gateway error in this specific scenario.

I have supplied logs and steps to reproduce the issue to Jonathan Phipps-Kearns. They should come your way soon.