WebSockets - Basic Workflow

Ignore me, I can get a connection using postman so its something with my code, I will keep at it

Hey Paul - Make sure you/your library is using WSS as opposed to WS.

HI Budd,

I am now getting a sucssefull connection on the WebSocket, but when I try to subscribe to the subscription ID it closes the connection, this is my flow

It’s at this point it disconnects with reason code 7 (MQTT_ERR_CONN_LOST)

Don’t know if you can see from the logs why it’s disconnecting.
Any ideas?

Hey Paul, can you give me a timestamp for the error message (with timezone) and private message me your account number/ID? I’ll take a look at the server logs and see if I can get more context.

For posterity, the issue was on subscription on the format needs to be {clientId/subscriptionId}.